Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yes Merry Christmas loves!

Well first off,

I just want to say that i received the bests gifts in the entire world. I must have been a very good girl :)
I wished for: A better paying job (yes i got a job i will provide details in another post:)
I received: A job :)
I wished for: A big family christmas.
I received: My family is all over, but I kno that they are well and Healthy.
I wished for: More attention
I received: M, because he is a gift in himself and although i do not show it as often as i I should, I do appreciate him.

However, i would like to admit, that I woke up this morning, not as joyful as i once did as a child. I remember that feeling, when the moment i would open my eyes, I would would be filled with such excitement and joy. I would run to the tree and rip open the gifts, while my mom stood and watched with a big smile. Now, i wake on this day, like any other day, feeling a bit cranky and unexcited. I got up, and whished my fam a merry christmas and had breakfast. I don't think i could ever get that excitement back, it is something so pure and unadulterated, that could only a child can produce. Well, maybe that's when i will get that christmas morning joy back.
But hey don't get me wrong, Im happy!
Shake a hand, give a smile!
Be safe everybody!

No need to complicate,



  1. Merry Christmas sweet pea!:P I like the way you organized what you want, and what you ended up receiving. I think if people made a list of all they have, they would be more grateful, maybe a lil' happier;)

  2. LOL. M is a gift? a gift from hell?!