Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Outta My System

Ok some of you might get offended, disturbed or even saddened by what I am about to express, however I have to get it off my chest. It has been weighing on me for quite some time now, (about two to three years to be exact) and I feel the need to know if I am the only one who feels like this. Here it goes… It’s about Ugz. I hate them, can’t stand them. I’m talking about those feet deforming, unfitting, big foot is calling and wants his feet back, looking things. Probably short for uglies, those nasty mammoths can just kill your whole look. Girlfriend can be rockin the whole fashionista style, but it all goes to water if she decides to complement it with those feet lumps! I mean it’s like rocking a 3 piece suit with some flip flops. Now, don’t get me wrong I am not condemning ugz believers ( yes believers because they believe they are styling) but it has reached a point where I cannot turn my head 360 degrees without spotting at least FIVE pairs of those beastly entities. Come on people have fashion trends bended our ability to discern what is hot or what is just plain hideous and do not come with me with those comfort
arguments because there are numerous articles which I find to be utterly most comfortable, BUT I dare not wear in public. But hey that’s just my perogative…right :)

No need to complicate,


I guess this is my What the hek! look :)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yes Merry Christmas loves!

Well first off,

I just want to say that i received the bests gifts in the entire world. I must have been a very good girl :)
I wished for: A better paying job (yes i got a job i will provide details in another post:)
I received: A job :)
I wished for: A big family christmas.
I received: My family is all over, but I kno that they are well and Healthy.
I wished for: More attention
I received: M, because he is a gift in himself and although i do not show it as often as i I should, I do appreciate him.

However, i would like to admit, that I woke up this morning, not as joyful as i once did as a child. I remember that feeling, when the moment i would open my eyes, I would would be filled with such excitement and joy. I would run to the tree and rip open the gifts, while my mom stood and watched with a big smile. Now, i wake on this day, like any other day, feeling a bit cranky and unexcited. I got up, and whished my fam a merry christmas and had breakfast. I don't think i could ever get that excitement back, it is something so pure and unadulterated, that could only a child can produce. Well, maybe that's when i will get that christmas morning joy back.
But hey don't get me wrong, Im happy!
Shake a hand, give a smile!
Be safe everybody!

No need to complicate,


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My First Column

Rant of the Day:
12 days freaking days, no not of Christmas, but of unemployment, a term that does not exactly produce favorable reaction within our current society. It’s usually associated with laziness, addiction, lower class and all that ish, but why is it that to be considered “successful” we somehow have to be strapped between the legs of 9 and 5 for the next forty years. I wonder, who is to decide the value of my labor? Who is to say that answering phone calls is worth 12.25$/hour? Mega corporations have fixed labors, bribing the public with health plans and benefits and all of that ish. Well maybe I am up to their sneaky plans of world dumbmination, maybe I’m at an upper subconscious level that is immune to their attempts of confinement into their material dependant world of consumerism. Yes!! I am freaking unemployed and what ? Well now that I have expressed my frustrations, let’s move on. :)
On a more serious note
The other day M (my love) and I attended a general discussion about interracial relationships. A lot of opinions and thoughts were shared and thrown around and people generally seem to be “accepting” the idea of interracial dating. The discussion was held at one of Canada’s most prestigious Universities, and needless to say that the brother n sister population was not exactly at a high level nor does it contain a more culturally rooted body. I am not saying that the crowd was filled with Betty Crockers and Uncle Toms, but it remained that I smelled and air of Condolesa Rices and Dick Chenies. However, the most refreshing part of the evening was when a young woman stated that very interesting point about how we are all identifying with African American culture as being our own. She added that racial tensions that have always existed with our southern neighbors is not and should not be taken into the same context as our own.
Think about it. Why is it that as afro-Canadians, we feel the need to relate to such different circumstances, I mean most of us immigrated here as opposed to being shipped. Although, the relationship between master and slave has surely left its scars to this day. Black women are less likely to be in an interracial relationship compared to black men, why is that so? Can it have deeper meanings and circumstances than the evident disinterest that we may suppose. Can it be associated to something more perverse and malevolent? Or is just that white men are just scared shitless of sistersJ.
M brought up an interesting point that here it is more of a difference of cultures than race. There always going to be an issue if each partner does not share the same culture, regardless if they share the same so called “race”. And that is actually the issue between M and I. Yes love is prevalent over all that ish but the issue remains, especially if we have children. Cultural identity is something that is imperative where I am from and that is one of the reasons I have not introduced M to my mother (it has been over 1year now). Yea I know I am awful but I ‘m scared shitless of her and her judgment. It will inevitably happen, but until then I will continue to seem as if I’m a 21 year old virgin that never had a relationship (not that it’s impossibleJ).
Speaking of Love,
and related issues, I presently feel drained. Have you ever felt like you are the battery that is keeping the relationship moving, and that if u die it dies? Yesterday was just so nice, after the meeting I went over his place and we watched Fresh prince with each a bowl of Yassa( a Senegalese dish) in our hands, we laughed and ate, It was nice. It was part of those of ahhh this feels good moments. But they seem not to come as often as hoped. I want more ahhhh. Disconnect is a word that I met a few months ago. He comes at different intervals and intensities, depending on the season I guess. I feel like I got to know disconnect more intimately ever since I realized that I am the unofficial energizer bunny, I keep going and going and going but I..will stop…one day.

No need to complicate,