Saturday, June 13, 2009

Kind of Fed up

So its a saturday night and I'm sitting here writting a blog, not that I don't enjoy this, but I kind of had other plans for this beautiful warm night. You see, summer class has taken a real toll in the time spent between M and I, I mean it can easily be said that in the past 4 weeks we probably saw eachother about 4-5 times max. Not that I do not respect his consecration to school ( in fact it makes me very proud) but, I do expect to be anticipated for at the end of a hectic exam filled week. But no, there is no such emotion in the tone of his voice. Our conversation settled for "how was your night", "I'm ok and yourself", "ok I'll talk to you later". This was the only day until next week he and I have to just spend some time and not worry about school, work or wtv. But no. I'm here on a saturday night feeling a little silly. Not to say that I couldnt do something else, most of my friends want to hit clubs, but I really wasnt in the mood, I was rather wanting M to call me over so we could have a lil BBQ, watch some fresh prince, bake some brownies. But no such words were emitted. In fact no phone call ever came till I called him up at 11pm to see if he was still breathing, well he was breathing alright alongside music and a chorcaol grill, chilling at a BBQ.

You might wonder why not make an initiative myself, well the things is, I always do and right now I wanted to see what would happen if I loosened my side of the rope. Well I got my answer: his side was always loose.

But, on the brighter side I did some satistics today :) and I can wake up bright and early for church tomorow.

No need to Complicate,



  1. Hey! I'm not one to say stay or break up, but I will say that you deserve the absolute best! Pray, be firm. be HAPPY.

  2. I def understand how you feel..Just don's get stressed out too much

  3. are you guys still togheter??