Sunday, January 11, 2009

So last year

I was never the type of girl to cringe at styles which have surpassed their expiry date, but if you know me then you are aware that i do appreciated the mainstream fashion movements, however i am not a fan of the factory doll concept. Whereas, you share the same article of clothing with hundreds, and hundreds of others, where not only your individuality has taken a blow but also the style itself has lost its initial refinement and elegance and instead has given way to tackiness.
The other day I was at Steve Madden, with M and I found these irresistible padded leather boots. They were chic, elegant, sexy and comfortable and shiny, I was utterly attracted.
Unfortunately I could not say the same for M, now he found them utterly repugnant.
I could not comprehend his insatisfaction with these gems, instead he opted that I consider the pointy suede boots.
Now, I do not have a problem with suede, in fact I am quite a fan of that sassy fabric, but the boots in my view are over used. The suede boots are overused!! I never thought I would say this but “that is so last year”…*shivers**
I hope you all don’t think I’m a trend criticizer, I just can’t stand blind style.
Follow a trend because it caters to your style and not the opposite.

No need to complicate,


P.s: I will post some pics of my style since I should walk the walk, if I talked the talk
As soon as one of the heifers lends me their cam J

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  1. I see this is what you were doing instead of giving me the damn chi! I like this layout, it's refreshing like a glass of cold water in August:P Whats that side image, chocolate?